9-day hiking trip in 3 countries (Austria, Slovenia, Italy)

It’s a bit crazy how lately I don’t plan anything. Or at least not anything what’s travel related. Somehow everything just happens.

So I have this super amazing Lithuanian friend with who we meet once a year. This year we decided to go somewhere (doesn’t matter where) to hike. We both love mountains and so we started looking for cheap flight tickets. It was a bit tough since I’m in Estonia and she’s in the Netherlands. So everything what’s cheap to her is expensive to me and vice-versa.

In the end we bought tickets to Vienna with a flight back from Venice. Sounds nice, huh?!

We decided to go with only our hand-luggage and sleep in a tent most of the time. Guess who’s taking a tent, mattress and sleeping bag to her hand-luggage?! 

That’s my backpack. Airbaltic allows me to take 8kg :’D Guess who’s gonna wear 3 pairs of pants and 3 jackets while walking to the plane? And not to mention.. underwear and socks in my pockets.

And now to the trip planning 😀 My plan was to hike over the mountains from Austria to Slovenia (what’s actually possible) and maybe even to Italy but in some point we discovered that time wise it’s not exactly possible.

So what’s our plan?

Day 1: gonna meet in Vienna and celebrate our reunion + a night in a hostel

Day 2: gonna take a bus/train to Klagenfurt and will hike somewhere in Woerthersee + gonna sleep in Woerthersee Camping place

Day 3: climb up to Mittagskogel/Kepa mountain (2,145), let’s see if it’s actually possible! + camping somewhere

Day 4: Bus/train to Slovenia, gonna enjoy lovely Ljubljana + airbnb at night

Day 5: Hiking in Triglav national park + gonna camp next to some lake

Day 6: Hiking in Triglav national park + gonna camp next to some lake

Day 7: Gonna go to Trieste (Italy) + gonna stay at friends place

Day 8: Time to explore Venice + gonna stay at friends place

Day 9: Venice + going home

As you can see we won’t hike all 9 days 😀 but hopefully at least so much that our legs gonna hurt.

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