Hiking Acatenango volcano – What to bring? How cold is it? How much does it cost? etc

I hiked volcano Acatenango in February 2018. Here’s some practical information about an overnight climb to Acatenango. You can read the story of my climb from here.

What to pack for the Acatenango volcano hike?

Clothes/Hiking gear:
  • Warm winter jacket – there are minus degrees on the top so you gonna thank yourself if you have a proper windproof winter jacket.
  • Many warm long sleeved layers – I had 3 layers: long sports shirt, sweater and warm sweatshirt with hoody
  • Long pants – I had only my leggings but I wish I had something warmer or maybe even 2 pairs to put top of each other
  • Shorts – the beginning of the hike is usually warm, so I recommend going on shorts even if the weather seems a bit chilly because hiking up the hill will make you hot.
  • T-shirt – useful for the beginning of the hike
  • Cap – if it’s sunny it will save you from the sun stroke
  • Sun classes 
  • Warm hat – you can probably survive without it as well if you have warm hoodie
  • Warm cloves or maybe even two pairs – I had one pair of warm leather cloves but I wish I had 2 pairs of cloves because it was freezing cold
  • Warm socks – My toes were freezing, I wish I took those, maybe even 2 pairs
  • Hiking shoes
  • Snacks – it’s nice to have some extra nuts, muesli bars, fruits and chocolate.
  • 4 litres of water – I took 3,5litres and used around 2,5 litres but it wasn’t too hot
  • Rum – it’s super cold at night so it would be nice to add it to your hot chocolate but I didn’t bring any and still survived.
Other things:
  • Portable phone battery
  • Toiletpaper
  • Toothbrush&toothpaste, deodorant
  • Sunscreen
  • Headlamp – it’s nice to have during summit but I didn’t have it so I was just using my phone as a flashlight
  • Walking stick (you can borrow it from the entrance for Q5)– I didn’t really need it that much when going up but when going down it saved me at least 20 times from not falling.

How cold is it top of Acatenango?

I hiked Acatenango in February and it was freezing cold top of the Acatenango volcano. Definitely minus degrees! I had 3 layers of long sleeved shirts/blazers and a warm jacket but my toes and fingers were freezing. I did have warm leather cloves but it was obviously not enough. There was a bit of snow on the ground and I was really dreaming of warm socks, another pair of cloves and an extra pair of pants.

On our way down , as you can see.. there’s snow

can i borrow warm clothes for acatenango hike?

Yes, you can! Either from the tour company or cloves/hat from the entrance. Jacket costs usually Q25, cloves Q10 and hat also Q10.

Facts about volcano Acatenango

Height: 3976 meters (13,041ft)

How long does it take to hike Acatenango: There are different tours but the most common is the 2-day tour. On a first day you’ll hike 5-6 hours to the base camp and the next day you’ll wake up at 4.30am and will hike top of the volcano for 1 hour or a bit more.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO CLIMB volcano acatenango?

So here are my expenses:

Entrance fee: Q50
Tour (includes transportation, guide, food, accommodation): Q350
Renting hiking gear: Jacket Q25, cloves Q10, hat Q10, walking stick Q5
Snacks and water: Q40
Tip I left to the guide: Q40
All the costs together: Q530 = 72 dollars = 59 euros

HOW HARD IS CLIMBING volcano acatenango?

It’s obviously pretty hard to answer to but it my opinion it wasn’t as hard as I heard before the hike. Everybody kept telling me that it’s seriously tiring etc but honestly in my opinion the hardest part was the cold. But you can read more about my feeling about the hike from HERE.

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