My travels and highlights in 2019

A friend of mine Lennart asked me half an hour before NYE how would I score my 2019 and the first number that came to my mind was 10! After thinking for a while I decided to say out 9 but honestly this was one truly great year and I’m super grateful for that.

2019 was a year full of achievements, new beginnings and cool travel destinations. So here’s my annual overview.

I visited 15 countries in 2019 (6 new):

  • Sweden – January
  • Sri Lanka – January-February (new)
  • Latvia – April
  • Denmark – May
  • Montenegro – June (new)
  • Latvia&Lithuania – July
  • Iceland – August
  • Poland – September
  • Portugal – September
  • Indonesia – October-November (new)
  • Malaysia – November (new)
  • Cambodia – November (new)
  • Thailand – October, November, December
  • Vietnam – November-December
  • Myanmar – December (new)
Inle Lake – Myanmar

Highlights of 2019:


  • Ran my very first marathon! And the cool part is that I did it with my brother – we both had our very first marathon in Iceland.
  • Attended Tartu Jooksumaraton (24km) for the 5th time in a row.
  • Went to Vägilase Jooks for the first time. Super fun and muddy run!
  • Attended 101 x 100 meters swimming on Estonia’s 101th birthday (24th of February 2019).
  • Climbed active volcano Batur in Bali.
  • Fell in love with early morning sunrise runs
  • Wake boarded in many cool wakeparks: Wakeway, Zarasai, Bali Wakepark, Thai Wakepark and of course our new Estonian wakeparks: Pidula Wakepark and Väätsa Wakepark
  • Surfed in Sri Lanka, Portugal and Bali.


  • Swimming with Manta Rays in Indonesia (Komodo National Park)
  • Seeing Komodo dragons in real life (Rinca and Komodo islands)
  • Biking 150+ km in Angkor Wat
  • Visiting Bagan temples and seeing hot air balloons during sunrise
  • Island hopping in Gili Islands & Komodo National Park
  • Tonle Sap lake and people actually living on the lake, unbelievable. Visiting their homes.
  • Went to my very first real roadtrip7 days around Iceland.
  • Saw glacier for the first time in my life – actually saw few in Iceland
  • Seeing floating gardens, locals living on the water and the quietness of Inle Lake in Myanmar. It’s unbelievably beautiful.
  • Visiting beaches with pink sand in Indonesia
  • Seeing glowing plankton in Cambodia. Such a cool thing!
  • Being on top of the Petronas Twin Towers
  • Having a cocktail at famous Traders Hotel Sky bar in Kuala Lumpur. That’s where Taavi was naughty 😉 Probably only Estonians understand that.
  • Seeing fireflies flying around in Cambodia – wow!
  • Visited so many beaches with crystal clear water, white sand and no ppl.
  • Saw most beautiful sunsets and more sunrises than any other year.
  • Overall just travelled with 8kg backpack for more than 4 months in 2019.


  • Made one of my dream lifestyle ideas come true by combining remote work with extreme sports and organised first 2 Extreme Tribes in Sri Lanka and Portugal
  • Worked for the coolest Estonian niche travel company Like A Local Guide
  • Worked remotely for more than 6 months of the year
  • Made a dream that I had for the last 2 years come true: working and traveling in Asia for 2,5 months with Tõnis

FAMILY, EVENTS, INVESTMENTS, MIND and everything else:

  • Attended the coolest Latvian wedding! Marta&Chris
  • Had a great time with my relatives from Canada, US and France who visited us this summer. Thank you Saima, Tiina, Christine, Sophie and Matthieu for coming!
  • Sang at Laulupidu. It became my goal 5 years ago and it felt amazing to actually sing there! One of the most powerful feelings I’ve felt. Getting to Laulupidu meant learning to sing and driving between Tartu&Tallinn the whole year to attend choir practices.
  • Organised Õpi Tartus! event for few thousand students. My first experience with organising a big event.
  • Celebrated my birthday in Sri Lanka with my awesome Extreme Tribe ppl
  • Paid off my very first mortgage
  • Started investing regularly
  • Started meditating
  • Learnt quite many entrepreneurship lessons but didn’t lose faith
  • Saw little baby Helena for the first time and got to attend her baptism in Poland. That also meant having a reunion with Luka&Adam!

Thank you 2019 for being one of the best years so far! Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings but I’m sure it’s gonna be great, at least I’ll do everything to have it even better than 2019 was. Cheers to that! And of course a happy new year! and not only.. Happy new decade!

I almost forgot but here’s the only video I managed to put together last year 🙂 Two days in Komodo national park in Indonesia:

My previous years: