Visiting 5Masti Wake Park in Latvia

We started our roadtrip to 5Masti Wake Park from Tartu (Estonia). After 2 hours of driving we found ourselves from Rancho Parks wake park. It would have been cool to ride there but you can only ride there when you have a reservation and we didn’t have one. But it would be nice to visit it some day specially cause it’s super cheap (1 hour for 25 €).

Rancho Parks wake park

Few hours later we finally made it to 5Masti Wake Park. It’s actually pretty close to Riga, only around half an hour by car. Weather was super windy but at least sunny. There was also Slingshot Clinic there but I didn’t try their new boards this time.

Now about the actual wake park. It was amazing already because it’s full cable!!! I mean an actual round cable. We don’t have any round cables in Estonia so it felt freaking great! Finally no cues, no waiting, just wake boarding for as long as you want to. It’s a 5-tower system what’s perfect for goofy’s, cable runs anticlockwise.

As you can see it has pretty much everything you need or at least all the basics: small kicker, big kicker, box, few barrels, uprail, funbox, pipe and my favourite – elephant! All in all I definitely didn’t get bored and really enjoyed every bit of this amazing park!

Information about 5masti wake park:

Location: Close to Jelgava, around 35 minute car drive from Riga (Latvia)

Prices: 15 €/h, 25 €/2h, half day 35 €, full day 45 €

Rental prices: 5 €/h regular board, 8€/h pro board, 6€/h wetsuit, 1,5€/h helmet, 1,5€/h jacket

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