My travels in 2017

This post was ready in the end of 2017 but I’ve been too busy with travelling so I’ll just post it now ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry! In 2017 I traveled to 15 countries and 5 of those are new countries (where I haven’t been before). It seems to beat even 2013 when I truly traveled a lot.

My highlights/achievements in 2017:

  • Went backpacking with one way ticket (and I’m still traveling)
  • Learning Spanish language (gonna continue in 2018)
  • Started blogging again (as you can see.. slowly but still)
  • Wake boarding at Camsur and Miami wakeparks โ€“ amazing places!
  • Learning to surf (or at least basics)
  • Kite surfing at Boracay
  • Registering my own company
  • Organising 3 adventurous orienteering events in Estonia
  • Joining a startup (download Backpack Chat app!)
  • Getting my Masters degree in TV production
  • Meeting tons of amazing people throughout my travels!

My travels in 2017:ย 

January โ€“ Polandย 

In January we had one crazy bus trip from Estonia to Poland with my sweet Miina. On our way we also visited Luka and Ewelina in Warsaw (always amazing to see them!) and at Krakow we “enjoyed” extremely cold weather and street art. Street art is truly amazing there!

February โ€“ China, Philippines

I have to be honest with you.. I visited China only for one day on my way to Philippines and we failed to visit the Great Wall of China so we visited Forbidden City instead. But Philippines was amazing! So friendly people, amazing opportunities for extreme sports junkies like me and the best mangos in the world! Would definitely go back there any time.

We spent one month in Philippines and visited Camsur wakepark, Donsol, Manila, Urbiztondo for surfing (La Union), Boracay for kitesurfing and Palawan (Port Bartonโ€“it has the coolest jungle bar, Nacpan Beach, Dui Beach, El Nido).

May โ€“ Netherlands, Germany

In May I visited my lovely ladies in the Netherlands โ€“ Jossu and Gabija. Both live in small but extremely nice cities โ€“ Wageningen and Enschede. I enjoyed every moment there and the weather was amazing so one day we also biked to Germany to swim in a lake and sunbath. Thank you girls!

July โ€“ Lapland (Finland), Berlin (Germany)

July was the month when two of my childhood dreams came true โ€“ seeing polar day and going to U2 concert.


We visited Lapland one week after midsummer day and it was pretty crazy to see that the sun was up in the sky the whole night! Pretty crazy, right?! We were in the middle of nowhere, far away from civilisation and it was like a dream!


In July I also spent one week in Berlin and it’s needless to say that I love this city! It has such an amazing vibe, lots of great street art, cool people, tons of great events and it’s just such a vibrant city! Plus I was also extremely happy that I finally saw U2 live! Whoop, big thanks to my travel buddies who made this trip extremely enjoyable ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh and I saw pandas at Berlin Zoo! That’s also the place where I saw pandas first time in my life (10 years ago), so it was super cool to be back ๐Ÿ™‚ And my pandalove is endless!


That trip wasn’t planned but my previous swimming coach Bruno decided to try swimming from Sweden to Estonia and I went to this trip as a media person. Unfortunately after 10 hours of swimming crazy storm came and therefore he couldn’t swim until the end but he’ll try next year again! Crazy, right?!

Anyway I spent long hours in the sailing boat with a storm and those were definitely NOT the best hours of my life ๐Ÿ™‚ but I survived and looking back to it as a fun adventure.

September โ€“ Austria, Slovenia, Italy, LATVIA


We started our “Europtrip” with Gabija from Austria. Spent a night in Vienna, had some lovely time near Klagenfurt next to Wรถrthersee, unexpected European Bike Week at FaakamSee, did a bit of hiking on Alpe Adria Trail and reached to the boarder of Austria and Slovenia โ€“ stunning!


From there we went to lovely (and extremely rainy) Ljubljana where we met my crazy Kadri. Once again had good time there, hiked a bit at Triglav national park and visited Vogel.


After Slovenia it was time for Italy โ€“ Trieste with local family and Venice with local architecture student who showed us all cool hidden places.ย  Venice will definitely stay in my heart for a long time!

On my way back home I also spent one night in Riga and saw my lovely Marta ๐Ÿ™‚ always nice to see her!

October โ€“ London

I spent few days in London where I met my good old bros from Aarhus times โ€“ Adam and Luka and Lukas’s gf Ewelina. It was amazing to see all of them and wonder around in this vibrant city for few days. Waiting forward to seeing them again!

November โ€“ NYC, Miami, Colombia

You can read more about my adventures in New York, Miami and Key West from here. Oh and check out Miami Wakepark!


Now about my favourite country โ€“ Colombia! I was supposed to be there only a month but I ended up being there almost for 7 weeks and I also spent my Christmas there (you can read the post about the Christmas in Colombia from here). That being said โ€“ it was definitely not enough! I will be back because there are so many things I wanna do in Colombia!

So what do I love about Colombia? People, people and people! Locals are so friendly and it is easy to communicate with them (specially when you can speak a bit of Spanish ;)). Also Colombia has so much to offer โ€“ lots of hikes and mountains, water activities (canoeing, cliff jumping etc), beautiful beaches, interesting cities (and I mean it), beautiful street art, cool nature, great food and lots of other things I love about this country!

And I also have to say big thanks to Spanish Adventure where I spent a lot of time to learn some Spanish and have some amazing adventures in the nature! It’s definitely the best (and cheapest) Spanish language school near Medellin.

December โ€“ Colombia, Panama

I left Colombia after Christmas and before New Years Eve to visit Panama. I have mixed feelings about Panama โ€“ I did have some really nice time at Bastimentos island and this place is really a paradise when it’s sunny! But unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with weather โ€“ that and also the fact that I didn’t feel safe made me leave Panama in the beginning of January ๐Ÿ˜‰

But still, look at those gorgeous pictures of Red Frog and Polo Beach at Bastimentos island:

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