Christmas in Colombia

Christmas in Colombia with Spanish Adventure

I spent my first Christmas away from home in a small Colombian city San Carlos together with Spanish Adventure people. It was very different from Estonian Christmas.

Spanish Adventure Christmas video:

First of all I gonna describe how I imagined Christmas in Colombia: lots of food, family and friends sitting at a dinner table all together, singing Christmas songs and giving secret Santa presents, playing some games (board games) and eating traditional Colombian dessert – Natilla Colombiana (Colombian-Style Pudding).

Colombian Christmas desert Natilla Colombiana
Natilla Colombiana – that’s what I expected. Picture by

Now here’s the reality: Woke up in the morning and wished everybody Merry Christmas, had big breakfast, skyped with my family and went to La Planta with Emma. La Planta is a nice place next to the river where you can swim, play volleyball and rent some stuff for water activities. Sun decided to be behind the clouds so we entertained us by watching people crossing the river and betting who’s gonna fall in and who won’t.

La Planta – Lovely place next to San Carlos river

After that we headed to the Plaza to get some banana chips and enjoy few cups of Jugo de Tamarindo (tamarind juice). Local Colombians Lily, Laura and Manuel also joined us. Plaza is a square in the middle of the city – there are some bars, restaurants, cafes, a church, streetfood stalls and shops around it. Plaza was super busy – kids running and biking around, parents and older people chilling everywhere and there was even a wedding going on.

Banana Chips
Street food: Banana and potato chips with lime. It’s super yummy and costs only 1000 COP (=0.28 eur)
Jugo de Tamarindo
Jugo de Tamarindo – Tamarind juice is sweet, sour and fresh. Super nice to drink when it’s hot outside. As you can see from the picture there’s also salt around the cup. Cof of jugo de Tamarindo: 2000 COP (=0.57 eur)

After plaza it was time for a little nap and when I woke up the kitchen was full of blood and different parts of pig. I was shocked because it really looked like a slaughter house and the smell was according. Around 8pm there was already crazy party going on at La Chimbita (our 3rd floor outdoor classroom and hangout place). For me it was again surprising because I’m used to very calm Christmas what has never included partying.

La Chimbita
Chilling in La Chimbita – Me, Emily from Canada, Christian from Venezuela, Steffi from Germany and Carla from Canata

In some point we went on the street because it was so many of us that we just couldn’t fit inside anymore and over there was also a bowl with meat. Small grilled pieces of pork.. and that was the whole dinner! Me as “vegetarian” of course didn’t eat it so I didn’t have any dinner this year at Christmas. Pretty funny, right?!

Christmas food in Colombia
Pieces of pork as Christmas dinner
Grilling pork and eating on the street
Grilling pork and eating on the street

Around midnight we started the secret Santa gift exchange and it was pretty funny. I guessed my secret Santa right away – it was Marcus and I got a bottle of wine as a Christmas present. After Christmas presents we went to a local club what was packed! I’ve never seen so many people here as at Christmas Eve, unbelievable! Party lasted until the morning.

Me with Natsu (the cat) next to a Christmas tree in San Carlos in Colombia
Me with Natsu (the cat) next to a Christmas tree in San Carlos in Colombia

So that’s my Colombian Christmas – way different from what I’ve used to but it was still super fun! Overall Colombians party a lot during the Christmas week and it seems like spending time with family during Christmas is not as important here as in Estonia.

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