Hello Colombia – Nutibara hill and first peak to Medellin

As some of you know I arrived to Colombia in the middle of November. First of all I fell in love to Colombian people already before landing in Medellin because I met such an awesome Colombian women in the airplane.

My first few hours in Colombia were actually full of hassle because nobody was speaking English and I wasn’t ready for that. So after having problems with communicating to taxi driver, buying food, finding a SIM-card and asking directions I decided I definitely have to learn at least a bit of Spanish to enjoy my travels in Colombia.

I stayed in a hostel called Internationional House Medellin – it was pretty decent and it had really nice view from the rooftop.

Nutibara hill was the first place I visited in Medellin and it was amazing. Super good views to the city!

My first impression of Medellin is definitely that it’s super green city. Check out the pictures to see it yourself:

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