KILIMANJARO – fifth day of climbing! 22.04.2012 Barafu

Sunshine sunshine! Oh what a beautiful morning with some more gorgeous views!

Our walk started super slowly again but soon we left the  guide and others there like on all the other days and continued with normal speed.

Probably I didn’t mention it before but it really was impossible for me to walk as slowly as the guide suggested us to do. I just felt I gonna get sick and well let’s be honest I was sick.. My throat was hurting already after the second day and I couldn’t stop blowing my nose. Not the best condition to climb but cmn some small cough is not the reason to stop climbing to Kilimanjaro. So last hour of this climbing was really painful, I had problems with breathing and I was just praying that my throat and nose will be better at night because there it was.. summit!

Last camp was top of this hill

Our last camp – Space Camp – looked pretty lonely and we were the only ones camping there. Funny thing was that locals were selling Coke up in 4600m!!! 0,33l of Coke for 5dollars.. hahaa I got to laugh quite a lot. Besides that this place was full of mice.


About that.. we had one nice experience with a mouse who was running around in the tent when I was trying to fall asleep. So there it was.. we were just screaming and jumping in the middle of the tent and this mouse was running around us on our things. Finally we got him out but it was seriously freaking funny experience! Though I would never ever have it again.

Our last camp - Space Camp (4600m)

So our last day before the summit.. after 3hours of hiking and lunch it was time to relax for few hours. Around 5pm they gave us food again and then we needed to sleep until 11pm. Let’s say it wasn’t easy to fall asleep while I was super exited, freezing and not tired at all. That’s it for now… you can read about the summit in my next post!

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