KILIMANJARO – First day! Rainforest and Machame Hut! 18.04.2012

Beginning of our trip. Machame gate

So this was the day we were all waiting for ages! Finally we got everything ready to start climbing up from the Machame route. It was super nice day with almost no rain or sunshine. Just a rainforest with high humidity, some steep places on our way, a bit too heavy backpack (yeah smart girl took 4,5l of water with her.. you can laugh!) and joy of walking up the hill. After lunch break the legs seemed to be even lighter and speed went up, thanks to it we had time to enjoy some nice views on our way. After 4-5hours of walking the rainforest ended and we arrived to our first camping place. Sun was shining and mood was good. We got nice dinner in a hyggelig tent and went to sleep around 8 or 9pm.

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