KILIMANJARO – fourth day of climbing! 21.04.2012 Barranco wall and Karanga valley

Another day when we woke up and the sun was shining! Seeing those beautiful views and feeling the warm sun on your body is just simply enough to get a lot of energy and smile on your face for the whole day.

Morning Shower


So there it was.. Barranco wall! From the distance it seemed pretty scary but when we started to climb it turned out to be the most interesting climbing so far. We needed to use the whole body to climb up from there, so it wasn’t only walking but more like real mountain climbing. I really enjoyed it! Unfortunately we couldn’t see any view from the top of Barranco Wall because the weather got really foggy but I can only imagine how beautiful the view from there would be on a clear day.

Barranco Wall - hell yeah!


View while climbing the Barranco Wall
Nice Guy and our guide on our way to top of Barranco Wall

After that the road had ups and downs and thanks to the rain also some pretty scary and slippery places where we needed to go down. But we made the whole trip with less than 3hours and it really seemed like climbing was getting easier and easier with every next step.

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