KILIMANJARO – Second Day of climbing! 19.04.2012 Shira

Second day with rain and some cool climbing

Second day started with rain. After waiting for one hour we finally decided to start climbing on those slippery rocks. Road reminded a river and our speed was pretty high thanks to our fast guide Dennis. I would say it was the hardest day besides summit because I was super hungry, wet, my legs seemed to be heavier than rocks and the road was quite steep. Besides that we needed to cross some lovely waterfalls where I was just standing and praying that I won’t fall down. Seriously.. I was super scared! We also needed to climb few pretty scary walls but it wasn’t as scary as the waterfall/river part.

Finally we arrived up to 4000m!

4000meters! Oh happy day!

And then it was only the easy part to the Shira Hut(3850m). I guess we were climbing around 4,5hours on this day. After freezing in camp place and waiting for porters to put up our tents we finally got some nice lunch and the sun came out! After the fog was gone we saw super beautiful view to Mountain Meru on one side and snowy Kilimanjaro on the other side:

View to Mount Meru
Best outfits and amazing Kili on the background

I thought that this view can’t get better but at night time I saw something what I have never ever seen before. Thousands(probably even more) of stars in the clear sky and lightning somewhere far away. I don’t have pictures of it but I’m pretty sure I have never ever seen so many stars in my whole life as I saw with this one night. Just one star after the other. DD mentioned it might be Milky Way.. no idea if it’s true but it’s definitely the picture I will never forget!

It's not my picture but it's pretty good one to illustrate what I saw in the sky

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