KILIMANJARO – third day! 20.04.2012 Lava Tower, another waterfall and a lot of rocks!

Real morning glory

Third day started with sunshine and some easy walking up the hill. Soon we discovered ourselves in the middle of the snow, oh what a great feeling! It was super nice to touch some snow after 4months!


Some more walking and soon we saw incredible views to snowy Kilimanjaro.

Perfect view to Kili

Finally we arrived to 4600m and ate our lunch next to Lava Tower.

Lava Tower and Kili

This day was super good until we needed to continue our journey and the first challenge was to climb down from pretty steep waterfall. Well okay, it went well but after that it started to rain and next few hours were like hell.. slippery rocks, water and road down the hill. Have I mentioned that going up the hill is 100times more pleasure than walking down the hill. Knees hurting, rain pouring and fog but even this adventure ended finally when we arrived to our next camp. To be honest I couldn’t see anything besides my yellow tent because the weather was way too foggy to even see the closest bathroom.

A bit foggy

So this trip took us around 6,5hours and in the evening something magical happened.. sky was clear again and those amazing stars were just the cherry on the top, too beautiful to be true!

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