Moshi and waterfall – 17.04.2012

Lunch next to a waterfall

I’m back in civilization! I have never loved Dar Es Salaam and my lovely Survey Motel as much as right now but I gonna start giving an overview of the last week in Moshi and Kilimanjaro!

Let’s start from the beginning.

16th of April 5am – waking up and going to Ubungo bus station. So that’s how it all started.. we missed our bus because of misunderstanding but finally we arrived to Moshi in the afternoon and went to check the equipment for the Kilimanjaro. We borrowed all what we needed.. I was even surprised how normal this equipment was.

17th of April: We packed all our stuff and were ready for the Kilimanjaro. On our way in the bus they told us that oops we are going to see some waterfall and we gonna go to Kilimanjaro one day later.. hahaa good joke but actually it turned out to be one really nice day in the nature.

We trekked few hours between the mountains, banana trees, local villages and rivers, saw wonderful waterfall, ate next to it from our lunch boxes and went back to Kilimanjaro Backpackers Hotel to get ready for the Kilimanjaro.

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