My first month of travelling through pictures – London, NYC, Miami, Medellin, San Carlos, Guatape and Cartagena

November 2017 was pretty freaking amazing. Some of the highlights:


For how long? : 2 days

What did I do there? : Spending some quality time with Luka, Adam and Ewelina.


For how long? : 1 week

What did I do there? : Cheering Tõnis who was running NYC marathon and who was also Estonian flag bearer at the opening ceremony; visiting Ellis island and Statue of Liberty; having few early morning runs in NY; enjoying the view from top of the Rock; chilling on 5th Avenue; falling in love to Chrysler building; meeting Kaspar and visiting AppNexus office; chilling on Brooklyn Bridge; visiting way too many Apple Stores and overall just walking a lot and enjoying this amazing vibe that New York has.


For how long? : 1 week

What did I do there? : Chilling on Miami beach, swimming a lot, eating way too many burgers at Five Guys, wake boarding to the max, road tripping to Key West and just chilling after lots of walking in NYC.


For how long? : 1 night

What did I do there? : Walking up to Nutibara hill and enjoying the view from there. You can read more about my first day in Medellin from here.


For how long? : 2 weeks

What did I do there? : Describing San Carlos and life there definitely needs a longer post but mainly I was learning Spanish at a company called Spanish Adventure and going to different amazing adventures (waterfalls, hiking, jumping off the cliffs, canoeing etc) with a group of people from all around the world.


For how long? : 2 days

What did I do there? : Paddle boarding on the lakes, hiking to the Rock (taking the long way around the lakes), drinking lots of good coffee next to colorful stairs, dancing salsa with locals, trying different street food and just walking around the city and enjoying those super colorful streets.

CARTAGENA and playa blanca, COLOMBIA

For how long? : Few days

What did I do there? : Chilling and swimming at Playa Blanca, walking around in Cartagena and exploring the city.


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