Hey my lovely ppl!

Today it was one really nice day. Once again we went to the city, this time in the middle of Dar Es Salaam. You can only imagine what’s going on in the centre of the city what’s population is 6mln ppl. It was crazy!!! Cars and peole EVERYWHERE! Screaming, shouting, selling, buying, walking, driving and so on. On a time when we arrived there it was +39 degrees and I felt I’m going nuts!

Later we visited one shopping mall, it looked pretty europish. Unbelieveable but they are selling so many products what are also in DK, in Estonia and in ohter countries in EU. Of course everything’s much more cheaper.

Some of the examples:

*Adapter – 1200african shillings/ 4dkk/ 8EEK/ 0,5euros

*Coke in restaurant – 1000tanzanian shillings/ 3DKK/ 6EEK/ around 0,4euros

*1,2l water – 800tanzanian shillings/ cheap.. cheap.. cheap

* to Gabija – Marlboro Gold – 2900tanzanian shillings/ less than 9DKK

Hahaa I forgot that on our way to the centre one of the tires got flat.. so it took us more than 1,5h to get to the centre and I have to mention the fact that the air conditioner stopped working. We were all TOTALLY wet!

It’s successful day because finally some more danes started to speak in english but as soon as there’s more than 4danes around me the language is again danish. What can I say.. I’m pretty sad right now I didn’t learn danish when I had time for that but on the ohter hand I’m learning it here right now as well. And I must admit I enjoy learning chinese in my room instead of drinking beer with them right now.

Actually I miss you! I just checked the pictures of my last night in Aarhus.. the night when Cristina was cutting Renars’s hair.. oh my.. I wish I could turn back time!

Okay, it’s enough for today! Tomorrow I gonna make pictures in seaside and we are planning to go to the beach bar :)))



 PS I have pictures and videos to you as well but my internet sucks.. so you have to wait a bit more :)))

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