The best day in Tanzania so far!

Freakin awesome pancakes for breakfast together with fresh watermelon and pineapple. Later ocean together with Jesper. It freaking nice, water was so hot and finally I made some pictures on seaside or should I say ocean side?! Anyway.. after that we went to the local beach bar, talked with locals who will arrange some local palm wine for us on Friday, drank some cocktails and enjoyed life. On that moment I couldn’t imaging anything better in the word.. maybe only my friends to be with me, but still, it was total paradise!

After the dinner it was again time to go to the local beach bar. We walked there through the village. Did I tell you that it’s so weird to see people driving with mercedes next to the people whos’ home is just plain ground?! Anyway.. walking there in the dark was already a new experience.

In beach bar danes finally started to speak in english! You can only imagine my happiness! Best jokes were the Shy Boy and Sleeping Guy. Later the local Palm Tree Wine guy gave us a ride to home and our nice masay guard opened the door for us. Just perfect ending for the perfect day!

Tomorrow it’s time to go to the Dar Es Salaam University! Please pray for me that it won’t be so hot in the mini van as it was yesterday because I don’t wanna arrive there being totally wet!

Okay, see ya later fellas! XOXO

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