Hujambo! University has free wifi!!!

First day in University is over! People were super friendly, we got to know many interesting facts about Tanzania and the most interesting lecture today was about Tanzanian economy. Seriously I was stunned, of course I knew that the situation is not good here but I never thought that it’s so corrupted country.
Between the lectures we got the best meal here so far.. mmmm finally vegetables and choice of other interesting meals. Sad that our own chef can’t cook so well.
Some things more about the University of Dar Es Salaam.. you can live in dormatory for one month with only 60dkk/8euros/12dollars!!! I can’t believe it! Even my one night here is right now more expensive, hopefully we gonna see the dorm rooms tomorrow 😉 so I can also tell more about the conditions.
Right now I came from jogging.. nice 20minutes and I got TOTALLY WET even though it’s 5pm! Btw it was the first time when I went somewhere alone out of the house. I really don’t like the fact that we shouldn’t go anywhere alone because it’s too dangerous.. but yeah I also understand it.

Today was my first swahili lesson! It was really nice, besides that we ate in uni in canteen and it was super cheap!!! 2500zws/ 8dkk/15eek/1euro for a full plate of good food! Later we got to know more about Tanzanian cultural, religional and gender issues.
When we arrived to home I took my kitesurfing equiptment and ran to the beach. Finally I got the opportunity! Weather was perfect – sunny and windy. It was freakin awesome, I got my kite up pretty easily but after a while the wind took me to the sky. Let’s just say that I was playing superman for 5+meters and fell on a sand. My knees are a bit swollen now but my mood is just so good! I really want the weekend to kitesurf already!
PS I don’t have internet connection at home right now, sorry G that I couldn’t answer to you but my internet credit just ended way too fast!
Take care, enjoy life and have fun my friends!

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