I feel alive! So alive!

„I know I can, I know I can, do what I wanna do, do what I wanna do…“

Last week has been incredible but nothing to compare to what I feel today! Just amazing Sunday!

First of all we went to Uni every day, learned Swahili and listened to different people who were talking about culture, security, economics, business environment and much more. So yeah.. a lot of interesting information about Tanzania!

Besides that we had a wonderful dinner in deans’ residence. I thought it’s going to be simple dinner in living room with dean, danes and some more people. Since I wasn’t sure I still dressed up pretty formal and thanks god I did it. So first of all we were waiting for dela delas (small funny vehicels what look like mix of car and scooter). We were already late but since everybody is using the excuse „African time“ it was okay. Going there with dela delas was already cool experience but arriving to deans place hit me hard. This house looked like castle, tables outside were unbelievably beautiful and waiters were waiting for us. We got a lot of good food and drinks and later dean ordered a bus for us, so we went to our lovely beach bar and enjoyed the life as much as we could. Once again local Palm Wine Hippy Guy brought us home, must say that local people as so so so friendly!

I tried to kite surf on Thursday and Saturday but the wind was pretty low so it seemed to be pointless to go to the water with my board, sad story but finally today the wind came and I woke up already at 8 in the morning, so at 9 I was in the beach and ready to catch the waves. Unfortunately the wind stopped for a while but one local guy who has yacht club helped me a lot and told me some useful things about the wind and tides. So after the tide came up it was time to try the kite surfing again and this time I made it to the water! I got a lot of adrenaline and I being on the board was the most wonderful feeling ever!

Right now I gonna go and start shooting a bow. Local guard – our nice masay guy Gajando will teach us! It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

I gonna upload pictures tomorrow when I gonna get the better internet access so be ready!

Btw I haven’t forgotten you my lovely friends, so send me your address if you want to receive a post card from Tanzania J


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