My first day in Tanzania! 13.01.2012

What up?! I’m in Tanzania now! whoop whoop it’s extremely hot! And if I say EXTREMELY, I mean it! 30+++ on daytime and 30 at night time.

My trip went very well. Must say I love Turkish Airlines. A lot of food, blankets, socks, drinks and guess who got 3 seats only for herself?! So I enjoyed it as much as possible.


When we arrived to Dar Es Salaam airport around 3 at night it was freaking hot. Some local guys picked us up and brought us to our villa.

My morning started pretty late but I discovered that I can see Indian ocean from my balcony! Must say I’m lucky!

Besides that we have pretty big garden with chickens, cats and dogs. Funny but true!

Outside of the garden you can see cows.. hmm, well when I got my dinner tonight then it made me a bit sad. I’m afraid I ate the same chicken who was running around in the garden in the morning.


okay, let’s move on. We went to seaside and two nice masay guys where guides for us. Oh my.. when I saw the beach I was only imagining about kitesurfing!!! Just perfect for that. And omggg water in the ocean is just like in Jacuuzi, way toooo hot!

Next to seaside there’s also one small fishing village and awesome beach bar with local music, beautiful palm trees and so on. Just wonderful place!

Later we went to city.. way too much traffic and it was pretty painful to travel in this minibus. There’s 7seats and it was 10 of us.. yeah we were squeezed!

okay i got tanzanian number and wifi stick.. so I’m happppyyyy!

That’s all for today. Sorry for my spelling ad grammar!


I miss you my honey bunnies! XOXO

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