Perfect place where to relax in Zanzibar – Matemwe!

After climbing Kilimanjaro it was time to relax .. so we decided to go to Zanzibar for a week! Seriously.. it was the best way how just to chill, relax, enjoy life, eat (more or less) good food, sleep a lot, enjoy beautiful beaches, snorkel in Indian ocean and so on.

We spent our first three days in East Coast in a paradise called Matemwe. Seles Bungalows was the perfect place where to relax but unfortunately it was only raining all the time and thanks to the low season this place was super empty. No people anywhere, just beautiful empty beach and that’s all.

Empty beach

On our last day there we went to snorkel with Captain John (hahaa funny local guy from the beach) near to Mnemba Island. Can’t say that the underwater nature was something super special but still it was nice and beautiful. I guess I’ll never get tired of watching the life under the water.. just wonderful! The best part of the day was feeding zebra fish with banana. There were like hundred fish around us, biting our fingers and trying to get the banana. Wonderful!


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