Raining season in Tanzania and soon going to climb to KILIMANJARO!

Wow.. I got super scared when I heard about the earthquake in Indonesia in Banda Aceh. My first thoughts went straight to Bamboo. But then I skyped with him what was super nice and the funny thing is that he didn’t even feel the earthquake. But still crazy what’s going on in the world!

Skype conversation with my Malaysian Bamboo

About my life now.. Happiness is totally in my heart and last days have been super nice. Today I went to gym, it was raining a bit, later I went to Mikocheni Shoppers Plaza and omg it was crazy how much water was everywhere! Around this place it was water until the knee on streets! And all this rain came only with some hours! I can’t believe how crazy the weather is. It was just yesterday when I sent email to my mom with words “there’s not even a smell of a raining season” and yeah now I have to admit that the raining season is really here! I guess in Europe they would already evacuate the people with a weather like this ;D

My big news is that I WILL CLIMB TO KILIMANJARO on Monday! I’m getting goosebumps and smile on my face every time I’m thinking about it! Seriously.. there’s nothing else I wanna do so badly as this! Can you imagine that next week I might be TOP OF KILIMANJARO! 5895meters!!! Okay, let’s just hope that everything will go as we are planning!

Some of the pictures of previous week:

when bajaj breaks down
Fullmoon at Mbalamwezi
Maisha baby
With a Nice Guy
Shy Guy: "Have u met Morten? He's a nice guy!"
Cool cocktails in Garden Bistro

In Flirtease with girls

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