Wedding in Tanzania

What up? Crazy life. Super awesome. yes yes .. I promise I will try to use those expressions a bit less. Thanks Sleepy Guy!

I got real dragon eyes few days ago. Not cool at all although I felt pretty special with my totally red swollen eyes. Red eye infection sucks!

Anyway I decided to stop existing and whining and started living even though those painful and itchy dragon eyes tried to hold me sleeping forever.. so I took the challenge and went to a first wedding in my life. Wedding in Tanzania! There are not enough words to describe all my emotions but this experience was worth a lot! Probably pictures will give you better overview how it was but it was super fancy, glittery, shiny, a lot of dancing, crazy masais jumping around, good food, beautiful and handsome local people and a lot more! My face was just smiling the whole night!

Kilimanjaro tomorrow! Can’t wait!

Mzungu girls and masais

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