Accident in Serengeti/Ngorongoro

It’s probably my luckiest day so far. I’m not lucky because I saw a lot of animals, won with bingo lotto or got the prettiest shoes on earth, I’m just plainly lucky because me, my parents, my friend and other two people who were in the car are still alive after flying over the roof with a car from 60+km/h in a curve.

They say that if you are too happy, something bad has to happen. I have never believed it more than right now.

So here it is. If you are ever going to safari in Serengeti, Ngorongoro or to some other park in Tanzania or Africa where the roads are not the best and where safari drivers are driving with 80 or 90km/h (like ours) instead of 50km/h what’s actually allowed then please tell them to slow down. The roads are not always in the best condition, specially right now (the beginning of march) when raining season just started or is going to start. Even though the drivers have been driving this road 3 + years in a row every day and have never had the accident before (like ours) it is always the first time.. and I promise, you don’t wanna be part of it. We were super lucky that we closed the roof before this accident happened, we were super lucky there were no trees on this place or no ravines.. but you might not always be so lucky. Besides that we saw two more accidents on a road from Serengeti to Ngorongoro after ours. And even though our car was totally crashed, all the people were pretty okay. I broke only few fingers from my right hand and that’s basically all that happened.

Today is the day I gonna remember forever!

“No hurry in Africa” was super ironic sign what we saw just after the accident. But right now I adore “African Time” more than ever before.

Oh and cherry on the top of all this crazy day was when the monkeys attacked us in Ngorongoro gate.

In general the morning started good.. around 6AM we saw a lot of hippos and it’s already so usual to see more then ten giraffes eating from the trees just next to the road or crossing it and monkeys or zebras everywhere. Last good piece of Serengeti was migration of wildebeests and zebras. Adorable!

Oh and I forget to mention that we slept in a tent area in Serengeti and in the middle of the night there were lions walking around and making some noise.. pretty interesting experience to be honest!

Oh well.. today we missed Ngorongoro because of the accident and going to hospital etc but to be honest I’m not in a mood of mountains anymore. So nice and calm Tarangiri(?) park tomorrow and then back to Dar by plane.

Hopefully there are no more surprises!

Hold yourself and enjoy life!

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  1. We were in a head on collision on the Ngorongoro crater rim road on Friday, the 13th of September. We were going up and an idiot was trying to pass someone in the lane coming down ON A BLIND CURVE! It’s a deadly road.

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