That's how tanzanians are selling clothes on the streets

Since it’s friends day in Estonia I hope that you all have had a wonderful day together with your friends!

For me this day has been AMAZING! Another day at the office in Coral Beach Hotel, where we heard good news about next eye camp! So falleraaa we are going on 18th of March to south for 5days! And we’ll also have safari there!

Later the hotel reception told us that chinese restaurant is less than 3minutes away.. oh well we walked 1hour before we arrived there. African time once again! Btw this restaurant was closed so we just took tuk-tuk and went to the next one. It was SOOO delicious!!! And there were so many chinese that I felt like I’m in China.

Now we are going to a local bd party with finnish girl Suvi. Gonna be interesting! I’m so exited! And tomorrow we’ll have dinner with other danes in their new place 🙂 super nice!



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