Freedom is priceless!

I am happy!!!! So happy!!! It’s like the happiness from the whole world suddenly came to me.

Morning was pretty “I am tired of those problems..” what means that no water already the third day in a row and electricity decided to go off as well. There’s only one good side of it: I went to gym! After 2,5h and hot shower I felt like newborn! Just amazing feeling. Later we went to a new restaurant/coffee/shisha bar and probably it’s the best place in Dar. It’s a shame I don’t remember the name of the place but it’s in Mikocheni Shoppers Plaza. We ate some super delicious food, drank cocktails and talked about life with girls.. super nice time 🙂

Besides that I just finished skypeing with my favorite family and after that I also heard my penguins and my birthday boys voice. Skype is just wonderful!!!

So yeah happy bd to my ex-roomie!

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