Hakuna Matata!

Hey my sweethearts!
It’s a shame that I haven’t written or uploaded pictures for such a long time. Be aware, this post will be extra long! I’m already waiting for the comments from Sleepy guy, Shy boy and Lady Killer.
First of all thanks a lot for all the bd wishes!
Last week went fast and our mini Swahili course ended. On Thursday and Friday we spent some time in volunteer house and in beach party. It was another pretty cool experience to see the masay guys singing and playing the drums around the bon fire.
On Saturday morning we woke up freaking early, packed our stuff and started our vacation! First of all we hitch hiked to city centre. Yeah hitch hiking in Africa –Check! Then we managed to get to the harbor where were thousand annoying locals trying to sell us ferry tickets. They kinda robbed us with the price we paid but yeah next time we gonna be smarter. Ferry was terrible, I got seasick ofc. When we arrived to Zanzibar to Stone Town it was probably mid day, we tried to find ATM but omgggg they had only atm’s for local cards. So it was perfect to walk around the city for 2hours with my thousand kilos of kite surfing stuff, +40degrees, sun and tommermaeld. After finding the atm I took dala dala (yeah local transportation in Africa – CHECK!) and Jesper started to bike from Stone town to Paje. When I arrived to Paje I was kinda disappointed because I didn’t see any ocean and the place looked like random village in the middle of nowhere. Some locals guys helped me with finding Teddys Place where I had booked accommodation for 4nights but surprise surprise… I arrived there, owner came with freakin calm face and told me that oh btw we are closed from today. You can only imagine how freakin angry and tired I was. So yeah NEVER COUNT ON TEDDYS PLACE in Zanzibar! It took another half an hour to travel with all my stuff to the next place but thanks god it was perfect place. We got one nice bungalow with the view to blue ocean and white sand. Besides that the breakfast in this place was amazing!!! Fresh fruits, fresh juice, omelet, coffee. Just paradise to compare to the nutella bread what we are getting in our house.

So what I did in Zanzibar? I met one awesome Estonian girl Triina (and his bf Tom) who’s kite surfing instructor in Paje. She was willing to teach me as well and seriously I can’t imagine better teacher than her. On second day kite surfing I was already on a board around 50meters and understood how to stop. Once I even turned around but well it was more by accident. Anyway yeah I lived perfect life in Paje, with kite surfing, best food, beautiful beach, peaceful people, chilling in net swing(or whatever it is), shisha and friendliness everywhere. One day before my bd 4danes came there as well and so we were costumers in Paje by Night on last nights. They were actually really nice on my bd, I even got present whoop whoop and they made the restaurant stuff to sing to me for my bd. So yeah total HAKUNA MATATA. Chilling paradise! It was freaking sad to come back to everyday life but our journey back to mainland was more fun than I ever imagined. It took us around 2hours to get from Paje to Stone Town, oh btw there was tv and music videos in dala dala, I was shocked!!! Then we had 2hours in harbor since we missed the previous ferry, then another 2hours on a ferry and then it took another 2hours to get from harbor to our place by taxi. Distance between harbor and our place(Bahari beach) is around 20km, so you can only imagine how terrible the traffic is and how much time it takes in traffic jams. When we arrived back to home we had already pretty good mood, our hands were full of watches and other drawings, Jesper had mustache, Greete was finally in here and Mamas’ rice’n’chicken was already waiting for us.. I’m totally tired of rice, chicken, nutella and bread! We are getting it EVERY single day!
On Thursday we woke up at 5.30am and drove around 3,5hours to some village in the west of Dar. I guess all together it was max 50km but yeah traffic rocks so 3,5hours felt pretty normal. When we arrived there were already a lot of local ppl waiting for us. We started checking their vision and giving away free glasses. It was super tiring day but it felt freaking good in the end of the day after checking more than 250ppls eyes and giving away around 200pairs of free glasses.
Friday was the same, the only difference that on Friday we checked more than 300ppl, I felt pretty pro working with this machine with what u can see how good are their eyes. From now on you can also hire me as optician!
It was already dark outside when we arrived back from our internship with Disco Dorthe and Jesper, all the others were having fun in the living room but we had pretty good mood as well since we pimped our bus into disco bus with music and lights before arriving back to home. This night was freakin nice, a lot of laughing and silly stuff, so we continued our night in local Bahari Beach Bar. Best place! Pina coladas with fresh pineapple juice, ocean, sand, our vip party zone – boat, local palm tree wine hippy guy, super sweet bar lady Beatrice etc! So it continued..Dirty Disco Dorthe dancing on the table with 25-year old Niels, Shy boy who was finally everything else besides being shy, Sleepy guy sleeping on a dining table when we arrived back, drama queen screaming, once again some board games where I won Jesper and angry Mama who didn’t want to let us in.
Congratz! It’s the end!

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