Happiness is here!

I can’t be any happier! So much has changed with one week. After moving away from Bahari Beach my life got 1000times better and I really love this lovely Survey Motel what connects people and has perfect location.

I know you hate posts without pics so here’s one week old pics of moving and our new place:

We were sitting on top of our things while driving from Bahari to Survey


Survey Motel

Weekend was Crazy! And I mean it.

On Friday we went to the others place(other danes and Greete who are living near to Coco beach.. like 30min by tuk-tuk from our place) and later to Bilicanas. It’s crazy that locals are starting to party around 1 or 2 am, so the club was still empty around 1am. I guess we arrived to home around 6am. African style.

Saturday was also a nice day. I went jogging to Dar Es Salaam university park and omg how cool it was. I’m running there and monkeys are jumping on trees next to me. Wild life! Later we met with the others in Coco beach. Suvi(finnish girl) joined us and then it was time for Maisha club. We got free tickets there and enjoyed vip for a while. Besides that we learned local dance. It’s funny how all the ppl in the club are dancing the same dance for like one hour.

Today we went for a breakfast and arrived to home just now. So yeah.. after breakfast we went to Mwenge market with DD and enjoyed manicure and pedicure for few hours. You will never believe me but I paid 2 euros for manicure and pedicure together. Local guys were doing it and now I have freakin nice paintings on my nails. Just adorable. And it’s such a funny fact that only guys are doing mani+pedi here. Crazy Africa! Then it was time for a dinner and the others invited us to their place. I got cooking course from Niels and Morten and the food was super nice! Beef fillet with guacamole.

And guess who gonna see her mom and dad after 6days?!!!! Can’t wait! 🙂

Have a nice week my homies!

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