That's exactly how happy I am right now even though it's taken 2 weeks ago when I moved away from Bahari Beach

Last days have been perfect! White sands hotel with Indian ocean and relaxing to the max. Today we wanted to meet with mr.Tattoo but yeah.. he decided to do shopping on this time. So our office team went to a shopping tour to Quality Centre as well. DD found perfect disco dress, it’s a shame she didn’t buy it.

Later I had successful meeting in Uni what means that finally I can do something. So after 6hours I gonna go to Uni to make some photos for the webpage. Let the fun begin!

In the evening we cooked estonian food for the danes and I can say it was pepperish but super good. After that we joined with the others to check this famous Sea cliff casino (kadri, ma mäletan enda lubadust, seega ei kulutanud ma pennigi seal:) ) and then it was time for some shisha.

To be honest I’m counting the hours! Can’t wait.. only 30hours left and then I can see the best people in the world.

Probably I won’t blog for a while now but it’s only because I’m going to a safari for a week to see real lions and other animals and after that it’s time for Zanzibar!!! Life is amazing!


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