Happy face on the left hand!

Days are passing freaking fast but life is still wonderful!

Another day in paradise

Last week was another new experience with 4 days without water but thanks to it I fell in love with gym! Let’s see how long it gonna last.

On Thursday we went to Mwenge to meet Linex and it was super cool! All the others were locals besides me and DD. We got to know so many things about their culture! Now I really understand why I have to have local friends and I’m more than happy that we found Linex. Btw he’s pretty popular singer in East Africa so if you’re interested then you can listen one of his hits from HERE!

On Friday we went to Jespers fathers bd party to Etina Restaurant near to Mlimany and it was pretty nice. 7hours passed pretty fast and everybody else besides me enjoyed the king fish. Later it was time to meet Linex and visit Mwenge again, super!

DD packing the present

Huge King fish

Saturday should’ve been the day for doing my report but well it didn’t go exactly like this, went a bit better and around 5pm we were already in others place to celebrate Sleepy Guys BD! A lot of locals, a lot of danes and two lost estonian girls. Nice food, nice ppl, nice party. George&Dragon and Q-Bar a bit later. What can I say.. total Mzungo places but I enjoyed the challenge contest with Bjorn.

And now.. TODAY!!! I was super tired in the morning and thought that this day can never ever turn out to be a good one. Breakfast in Fairy Delights, totally packed and hot taxi to some smelly port, scraming locals, police officers and heat everywhere! And then suddenly 20minutes later I discovered myself from paradise with nice beach bar, palm trees, pool, hot indian ocean, netswings everywhere and total happiness in my mind! Hakuna matata! Just like a bit cheap copy of Zanzibar – Magogoni, Kigamboni. Pictures of today:

Ooo happy Sunday Night thank you for giving the opportunity to make my report now!

A lot of sun to you!

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