Happy Monday!

Hey my friends!

From now on I’ll try to post more often and shorter posts. On Saturday we went to some island near to Kunduchy(spelling is prbly wrong). There was huge nice hotel and super cool beach with transparent bluish water and white sand. Me and Bjorn decided to swim to the island. The others took a boat. Hmm.. what can I say. It wasn’t 1km as we thought, it was around 4km and meanwhile the tide started to come so it was like swimming backwards or standing still. Shy boy didn’t make it to island but at least he didn’t drown and sharks didn’t eat us. Oh btw and I saw extra huge jellyfish! Bigger than football.

After this day I went to sleep around 7.30pm and slept nice 12+hours. Yesterday was nice hakuna matata day again and later we visited Beatrice. She had new game but I’m not sure if Sunday night was the best timing for that.

Now we just arrived to Coral Beach Hotel what’s total paradise. We came here for the Louis Nielsen meeting. It took us only hour and 45minutes: hitch hiking, 2buses and taxi. We gonna have nice dinner in here tonight, so wippiii no rice’n’chicken tonight! Oo happy day!

Some pictures of old times when we were still rich and when we visited volunteer house:

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