Hello Kendwa and Full Moon Party!

I’ve been visiting some doctors and my hand is slowly getting better. Must say IST clinic in Dar Es Salaam is super nice place! Almost like Europe.

Besides that there have been some steps forward with my internship as well so seems like everything is slowly getting better and better.

I took mini plane(12seats! only) on wednesday and came to Zanzibar, Kendwa where I had some super nice days with my parents. It really made me happy! Total chillax with blue transparent Indian ocean, good cocktails, long walks on a beach and just enjoying life. Kenwa Rocks rocks! To be honest I’m a bit sad that my parents left yesterday but at least some other danes came to Kendwa as well and we rented a villa. So right now we came to Paje to visit some other danes from Adventure School and tonight it’s time for hopefully legendary Full Moon Party @ Kendwa Rocks!!!

In some weird reasons I can’t upload pictures but I wish you all a nice weekend! I miss you!

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