Life is great!


Today in the gym one man started dancing and told me “exercising makes me sooo happy that I wanna dance!”. He just totally made my morning with this positive energy! 

Another thing what made my day: messages and emails from YOU my friends! 🙂 Thanks and continue writing!

Besides that I have had pretty successful days. Gym feels like home, things with Joomla are going easier and easier with every day – guess I’m finally learning something new .. actually it’s funny, after last exam in January I told to myself that I will never ever do any coding in my life again.. and now here I am… CMS and all this xhtml, css, javascript etc etc is back. Can’t say it’s my dreamwork but I’m definitely learning something new every day! I guess that’s what life’s about and it makes happy 🙂

On Monday I managed to get a bit lost in the city and enjoyed public transportation for few hours.. it was just like city tour! Later we were celebrating Sleepy Guys’ bd in Arizona Grill in Masaki and it was super nice night with delicious food and good company!

That’s all for today. Have a nice and sunny Wednesday!



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