Life with only left hand

Finally I’m back from the safari. Well it was bigger experience than I ever thought it will be but at least I arrived to Dar alive.

Today I got gyps/plaster almost until my elbow and I can’t say it makes my life easier. It’s super annoying and tomorrow I need to go to the hospital again, let’s see what they gonna do then.

To be honest it would be super nice to be in Europe for few days, get everything fixed normally without arguing and so on.

Few days ago in Serengeti:

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  1. Just really like the area but Serengeti National Park so popular and no emergency services around too bad had the worst experience in my life as our vehicle owned by Tanzania Experience speeding at 80k’m per hour veered off the road and could only see myself trapped right by my head.Hey my god and the family I heard on board mother,father and two daughters survived could only hear screams me as well shouting for assistance and as I said in a park remote only if lucky a vehicle on drived can spot you,anywhere it wasn’t my day to say goodbye meaning to say die they managed to jack till I came out hoping could simply walk but Jesus I was just useless so I lied in the sunshine till they took me well in Africa that’s a better way sand mates iron ones could support me as I felt like my collar bone as well as my back had fractured.There they drove me to a place I thought was a doctor close only to hear that have to get to Ndutu airstrip oh my god in that rough road to the airstrip well got there hoping could see something happening but nothing till the Good Samaritans from Kenya Flying Doctors came to airlift me to Nairobi Hospital were I was attended to professionally.Well am so lucky to be alive and would like to thank Jenni a German national God Bless you you just extremely one person I would like to meet and well for Serengeti parks officers especially those who took me to Ndutu I wish someone can pray for you to have faith,wisdom and kindness you looked like you wanted my soul to leave me when I was at the airstrip,many thanks to Matt,George from Flying Doctors as well the entire staff at Nairobi Hospital keep it up my you be blessed lastly please Tanzania goverment check on park speed limits as well a mobile doctor or even stationed needed right in the park that’s an incoming economy booster and imagine how many tourists there daily with the speeding landcruisers. Survivor.

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