Monday and Tuesday 06.-07.02.2012


First day of internship! It was super nice day in Coral Beach hotel what ended with a delicious dinner in restaurant. Later we made some drama at home but well it’s already in the past.


Tuesday morning was super successful. We visited Links Office in Uni of Dar and we found a new place where to live! It’s only 2km away from uni, much cheaper than right now and the most important thing is that we don’t need to spend 3hours for transportation every single day.

Later that day we met Rikke, Steen and Ulla from BAAA and went to a pig farm. Yeah Pig farm in Tanzania – check! Besides that we saw a local school. There was nothing in the classrooms besides floor and walls, no furniture. We also heard how 40% of the people from this area has HIV. Pretty scary! But finally I saw pineapple field and banana trees in a wild nature. After that teachers took us out for a dinner, so another day passed without Mama Etnas’ food! But once again I have to mention that meat is not my best buddy.

Soon I will add more photos but right now you will get at least one 🙂

Tanzanian children at school

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