Moving! From Bahari Beach villa to a Survey motel in Ubungu

Today it was the last day in our Bahari Beach villa with ocean view, big balcony, mama Etna, Gajando, annoying dog Tom, chef, cleaning lady, guards in the garden and awesome board games – four in a row and checkers. It was also the last day to live all together with the others (9danes+2estonians). It’s a bit sad since I already got used to everything and felt like at home but I can already see I made the right decision.

Some more details about today.. at 1pm our car came to pick us up and wow wow what a surprise when I discovered that it’s mini truck where’s only one seat next to the driver. It was 3 of us so me and Dorthe were sitting on top of our things in the back. It was pretty cool experience(I might upload the video on Tuesday). When we arrived to our new place – motel near to the Uni – we discovered that the shower system sucks pretty badly. To get a better mood we went to the only place what reminds Europe – Mlimany City shopping mall – ate some junk food, disco Dorthe was shopping a bit and then we went to the cinema!!! Yes it’s true, they have cinema here! Commercials (slideshow of pictures with disco music to advertise fitness centre?!!!) were terrible and I don’t even wanna talk about the movie (Jack and Jill – please never watch it!) but it was great to feel like being in civilization again. Later we enjoyed fresh pineapple in my room, discovered that there’s NO water at all anymore (yeah I was freaking out) and went to the place next to our motel where they are serving food and drinks. We met some nice ppl (German girl Susi and Finnish Suvi) who made us really happy when they told how safe this place is and usually there’re no problems with water etc. When I came back to my room I discovered that the water is back! It’s so funny how in Africa small things like water and air condition are making you so happy while in Europe you don’t even notice that those things exist.

I got my unlimited internet stick today but it’s still super slow and uploading pictures is not possible. Still.. I’ll try to keep you more updated from now on! Hopefully I can also share some more pictures on Tuesday from the office!

Enjoy life!

Few weeks old pictures but still my bros, disco Dorthe and Greete on our way to the Bahari beach bar

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