No electricity, no water

Great Sunday morning indeed!

No electricity = NO AC = temperature in my room 35+ = NO sleep!

No water = no shower = no breakfast before showering = I’m starving!

It was great St Patricks Day celebration yesterday. Me and DD – all dressed in green + green nails and accessories but where’s the celebration? NOWHERE! Hahaa so instead of irish pub we went to a BBQ Festival what was really local and cool. I was surprised how many ppl there were. Later Sunday(yeah, that’s his name! Cool, isn’t it?!) and Deo picked us up and we went to super nice place – Safari Carnivore. So what can I say.. I had super great night!

I have to admit that I have been pretty lazy with taking pictures on last days but at least I have some pictures of dar es salaam. Just pretty ugly buildings and a lot of trash etc, but that’s exactly how this city looks like:



Friday was also super nice day. Dinner with all the danes in Sea cliff, later shisha chill, then local live music where even Niels was singing hahaa, that was brilliant! And the night ended in Mafia Club/Bar. Niels singing:

That’s it for today! Electricity came back after 8hours! Now it’s only the water missing. Yeah yeah Africa, I love you.

A lot of hugs to my special bd girl!

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