Full Moon Party at Kendwa

Since my last post was only about whining I will make this one more cheerful because guess what.. I love my life! Not only today but every single day! Every new day is new adventure and I have got the opportunities not everybody has so there’s nothing more to do to just ENJOY LIFE!


I had so perfect time in Zanzibar! Kendwa is amazing! Besides that we went to a FULL MOON PARTY @ KENDWA ROCKS and it was super cool! Much better than I thought it will be. Pretty good party music and a lot of happy ppl everywhere. We danced a lot with Disco Dorthe and I can say that it was probably the best night in TNZ so far! Party ended when the sun was up and when the first ppl came for a breakfast.

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    1. Kendwa was super nice! Specially the beach and water, white clean sand and clean blue ocean. I can’t say that it was expensive. Of course there are many expensive hotels etc but it’s easy to find something cheap also. I definitely suggest you visiting Kendwa while being in Zanzibar!

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