Special 29.02.2012 in Serengeti

So today it was finally time to go to Serengeti Nationional Park. It’s the biggest one in Tanzania. First of all we drove through Ngorongoro. It was super foggy up in the mountains and of course much colder than I’m used to, besides that there were super many maasais with their domestic animals on our way from Ngorongoro to Serengeti. Super interesting nature and life down here seems to be totally different!  I’m not comparing to Europe but Dar or Arusha.

When we arrived to Serengeti it just seemed to be straight endless road where’s nothing else besides few animals or birds but nothing interesting and also no trees. But after a hour it changed and finally we saw groups of elephants, a lot of giraffes, monkeys of course, thousands of zebras who were waiting for migration and finally my best part.. we saw lions!!! Two lions who were sleeping on a tree and came down. Later we also saw one lazy leopard who was sleeping on a tree, just unbelievable how much luck we have had. Oh and also one super cool hippo who was outside of the water but he was so fast that I couldn’t take picture of him.

So yeah.. I’m still super exited every time when I’m seeing some animals and I just adore taking pictures of them. Tomorrow we gonna wake up before 6am to go and see some crocodiles and hippos. Gonna be awesome!

Oh and tomorrow it’s time to go to Ngorongoro.

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