Wednsday – Saturday (8.-11.02.2012)


Wednesday was another day at the office. Office with a meaning of a nice hotel next to the ocean.  Day was pretty successful and I just have to mention that it’s unbelievable how many connections you can get through hitch hiking. Anyway our night ended in a restaurant with carolines’ family, local wedding, lobster(first time in my life and it was Delicious!!!) and drawing on Jespers business cards to make a card game.

Just another day at the office


Once again office day on Thursday and one freakin funny night. Right now I would like to send greetings to my Niiga! Yeah I made this game to danes and it was a total disaster! What can I say… another proof that only ppl from east know how to play it.


Friday Friday.. Angry Mama and sleepy guys all over the place. I managed to go to Mlimanicity and later it was time for a beach bar again.  Last time unfortunately.


On Friday we ordered food from beach bar for Saturdays lunch so when we arrived to beach bar at 2pm and asked about the food. They told us we should wait around 15minutes. It ended up waiting for more than 1,5hours. Welcome to Africa! African time is just the expression what you can see absolutely EVERYWHERE! Besides that I can’t really say that the food was delicious but yeah.

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