When wild life is really wild

Wonderful day in Lake Manyara National Park!

Elephants walking around the car, ten thousands of flamingos, playful monkeys, hippos and incredibly beautiful zebras! Of course there were much more animals but my favorite part was still elephants! It was just amazing how they were drinking water, eating and walking just few meters away from our car and they didn’t even care that we were there. Must say I love nature! And Mayara park was specially beautiful because of the nature what was super green to compare to Arusha’s park. Besides that there were so many colorful birds that you just can’t stop making photos of them. Same with the baby monkeys who are so super cute.

After the safari we came to our tent place, swam in a pool, got nice dinner and saw some crazy africans making crazy tricks and dancing.

Serengeti today! 🙂

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