Whining corner and accident pics

My life might seem super nice with visiting all those great places, beautiful beaches, seeing incredible animals etc but I just decided that I should let you know that every good thing has bad sides. For example yesterday we arrived back to our lovely motel what greeted us with no electricity/power. It means that no AC and not even a fan. Sleeping with +30degrees is not very nice btw! In the morning there was still no electricity and raining season started, just perfect. So I took cold shower(yeah I don’t have warm water here and no washing machine as well) and got another a bit warmer shower when I went outside. After arriving to the only place what’s quite similar to the Europe – Mlimanicity Shopping Mall I understood that it’s not Europe at all because the power went off from the whole mall for like 10-15minutes. It was quite funny to stand there in the darkness waiting what gonna happen next. It’s just something what could never ever happen in DK or Estonia or probably nowhere in EU. Later I had one meeting in Uni and hahaaa but they didn’t have power as well. Just unbelievable! Once again: WELCOME TO AFRICA!

To be honest those small things like not having warm water or arguing about the taxi price with locals are actually pretty small things but sometimes they piss you off, sometimes the system looks so ridiculous and even the easiest things are taking for ages (yeah I have been visiting doctor already 4times with my few broken bones.. in EU it would take only one visit and 10minutes but yeah) but then again you are seeing those incredible places and fall in love again. So there’s no other option than just to LOVE and HATE it on the same time. Funny but true.

Now it’s already 11days passed after the accident and I decided I’m ready to share some pictures:


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